Maxwell Runko

Maxwell Runko

20 year old artist/model
based in Richmond, VA.
If you have any questions please feel free to ask here or email me-

Maxwell Runko in collaboration with Jordan Tiberio. “316 Days Since”, New York, New York. March 2013.

These illusions and mindscapes we have created

Transports the onlooker into this oblivion- this pit of love

i love you

Individuals fawn n fawn over it

So ideal and shiny from the outside and so goo-ey on the inside

It bubbles over and coats these images we have left behind

They, themselves, weave an intricate story that we have put so forwardly out there

So forwardly letting them into our personal lives

Our personal life that we could count on two hands

So foolishly joking

I remember so detailed

You hovering over me- hair coating my face like rain

You have seemed to pour over me

You have seemed to be digested into me

You have become apart of me

Who I am

What I make up

Marking such an important and crucial part in my life

Giving me the inspiration to create and make and notice the small things

and to not take anything for granted

nothing at all. Never ever fucking ever.

Transc e n d  i   n    g

Making the realms of complexity our reality

and seemingly fighting against the greyhound odds

This is our mountain and we shall conquer

Climbing higher and higher

Slowly losing our breathe—gasping for it

“Here have mine” I utter 

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